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In wi
nter 2013 Keyser Creek Arena opened an 
Equine Rehabilitation & Conditioning Center for performance horse or to help heal injury. We have been doing some amazing healing and pushing our performance to top condition.

The Diowave Laser System is showing us unbelievable results for tendon injuries, open wounds fractures, muscle soreness the list goes on an on.  In just one treatment you can see the results.

The Treadmill is such an amazing tool for conditioning for performance or injury.  
We have great Performance packages available to get your horse ready for the next season or event

Call us to come see a live demonstrations with our new
•  AquaTreadmill              
•  Diowave Laser System

"Get your horse performance ready in half the time."

for more information call
Ralph Young 406.425.1623 or Melissa Fraze 406.670.0033
or email

 It's a Great Facility......We invite you to......come ride with us!





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