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ADM Equine Nutrition

Why did we choose ADM Products?

    A few months ago I was changing channels on the TV and came acrossa a seminar on RFDTV about the ADM Equine Products.  The information intrigued me so I started doing some research on the product.  We had been talking about looking for an alternative to what we were feeding.  We didn't mind the feed we had but our horses we not getting enough work and the grain was just making them to hot.  After a few weeks of research we decided to try the product.   We had some trouble finding a dealer close.  Once we brought the product home and tested with our own horses we definetly saw results.  In 2 weeks the horses coat condition changed. A shiner coat, less dandruff and definete weight gain.  We decided to become a dealer.

For Better Health and Performance, Follow
The Forage First
® Nutritional Pyramid


Forage First Products
Because of the horse’s unique digestive system, forage must be the first component of the nutritional pyramid. The fiber in forage keeps the digestive tract functioning properly, and with the help of bacteria in the hindgut, provides energy, protein, and vitamins to the horse. (forage products)

Mineral and Vitamin Products
Minerals and vitamins are required for proper digestion and utilization of forages and grains. Unfortunately, even the best forages are deficient in some minerals and vitamins-- so your feeding program must provide an adequate supply. Our GROSTRONG® Mineral products are specially formulated to provide
                         27 vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes in the correct proportions to complement
                         forages and grains.

Concentrated Energy Supplements
Extensive research has shown that fats provide more energy per pound, are digested more efficiently, and decrease the thermal load in working horses compared to grains. Our HEALTHY GLO ® stabilized rice bran-flax blend contains 25% vegetable
                         fat from rice oils and in a very palatable meal or nugget form that you can feed alone
                          or top-dress on other feeds.


Specialized Premium Blends
Our specialized Premium blends combine stabilized rice bran , Soy Shine
®, GROSTRONG Minerals, vitamins, and electrolytes, quality grains and Prosponse® yeast supplement--all in one bag for convenience.

                         Choose from PRIMEGLOTM  & SENIORGLO® for senior horses, JUNIORGLO
for Foals,
                         Growing Horses & Broodmares,
                         performance horses and ShowBoost
® for young growing show animals.

Fortified Feeds
Fortified feeds are quality concentrate feeds that contain specialized vitamins and minerals for horses. We offer several lines of feeds with regional (Patriot®, Tindle Trails®) and national (GROSTRONG) availability. For example, Patriot 14% Performance Horse Feed is a highly palatable, pelleted grain mix which includes
                         added vegetable fat, vitamin E, B-vitamins, and lysine.

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