Keyser Creek Arena
A Great Facility....Come Ride with us.


DioWave Laser - $30.00 per Treatment

Game Ready Applied- $25.00 per treatment
Cold Compression Treatment

AquaPacer Treadmill Treatment -  $50 per session
Punch Passes for treatments.  20 treatments for $800.00 or 10 treatments for $400.00
** Punch passes can be used by multiple horses.  Other packages available upon request.

Private Stall Boarding:  $16 per Day
Full care in heated stall with rubber mats includes daily Stall Cleaning, Hay fed AM & PM,  Horse is turned out Daily if able, daily Grooming,  

Private Outside Pen:  $9 per Day
Only available when turnout is allowed and will not interfere with injury.

Pick-up & Delivery: $1.00 per Mile

Wound Care, Bandages changes, cold hosing - including in Full Board. 
Cost of Bandages not included

Oral Medications - administration Included in Full daily board care
as prescribed and provided by your Veterinarian or Keyser Creek Arena attending Veterinarian.

Abcess of Hoof Soaking - $5.00 each time

Hand Walking  -$10, $20 or $30
 intervals of 15, 30 or 45 minutes

Longeing - $20.00
30 minute session

Veterinarian Care - will be provided by your Veterinarian or attending Keyser Creek Arena Veterinarian and billed directly to you from the Veterinarian office.

Don't see it on the list - give us a call.  We will work with most horses and problems to help you overcome your injury or performance issue.

         Ralph Young - 406.425.1623 or Melissa Fraze - 406.670.0033

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