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Ranch Sorting

Ranch Sorting Practice 

2017 Winter  Schedule
  • Sat Mar 18th & 19th - Wymont Sort Jackpot
  • Sat March 25 - Practice 1:00 pm
  • Sat April 1 - Practice 1:00 pm
  • Sat April 8 - Practice 1:00 pm
  • Sat April 22 TBD
  • Sat April 29 - Practice 1:00 pm

   If you need more information give me a call, email or text at  406.670.0033 cell  or
What is Ranch Sorting? ..........

   Ranch Sorting begins with 12 head of cattle shuttled into two 60-foot round pens connected by a 12 foot entrance.  ten of the cattle are wearing numbers zero through nine, and two of the cattle are unmarked.

    The two riders enter the pen without cattle in it and hear a number.  From the time they enter the pen the two riders have 60 seconds to put cattle in the opposite pen in consecutive order.  

    The riders hear a number - three, for example - and first push the cow with the number three on it's back into the pen.   Then the No 4 cow, then 5  and so on until all the marked cattle are in one pen and the unmarked cattle in the other.  
    If an unmarked cow or a number cow out of consecutive order slips through the pen it's a No Time!

    It's not quite the speed and the fast pace of team penning but it is a very exciting event to watch and do.  If you can straddle a horse and walk him through cattle, then you have a chance to become a ranch sorter.  
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